TEMPUR®️ Ombracio Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

TEMPUR®️ Ombracio Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

The NEW TEMPUR®️ Ombracio Pillow with SmartCool Technology™ is designed to elevate and support your shoulders to relieve pressure while you sleep on your stomach, with a cool-to-the touch feel. The unique and huggable ergonomic design helps you find your most comfortable position for night-long comfort. This soft feel pillow is encased in a NEW stylish geometric cover that perfectly complements the CoolTouch™️ mattress collections.

Size: 60 x 50 cm

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Discover the Tempur® All-Around Pillow with SmartCool Technology

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What makes our new TEMPUR® Ombracio 
Pillow with SmartCool different?

Perfect for hugging and scrunching, this pillow's notched shape was designed with stomach sleepers in mind. It's lower height and Tempur Micro Cushions support you in a comfortable position. The notches allow you to wrap your arms around the pillow, and also foster easier breathing when your head is turned to the side. Now with a breathable, cooling cover that naturally absorbs heat without the use of chemicals, you embrace this pillow as you drift off to sleep.

Hand on Tempur Material
Woman laying on TEMPUR Pillow
Pillow unzipping

For Front Sleepers

The unique shape of the TEMPUR® Ombracio Pillow with SmartCool Technology™ has been carefully
designed to support those who sleep on their stomach.

*Compared to our previous standard covers. Based on internal tests results after 2 seconds.

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