What is Tempur material


Memory foam is a high-density, polyurethane foam that is most commonly used in mattresses
and pillows. It adapts to your shape to provide a higher level of comfort and support than a
traditional spring mattress.

But not all foam is created equal...

What is TEMPUR® Material?

TEMPUR ® material is based on technology first developed by NASA scientists and then used aboard the space shuttles. They invented a viscoelastic material with high energy absorption and soft, supportive, and pressure-relieving properties.

In a breakthrough moment, our own scientists recognised the material’s unique potential for sleeping. So they took that original NASA invention and spent years perfecting it into what we refer to as our unique TEMPUR® Material today. Later, we used it to create the world’s first viscoelastic mattress and pillow.

First proving its value in the healthcare sector, TEMPUR® is now found in bedrooms around the world, transforming the sleep of millions. And we’re constantly working to improve both TEMPUR® Material and your sleep.

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Fewer than ten scientists worldwide know the secret recipe for TEMPUR® Material
– and they all work for us.

What's the difference?

TEMPUR® Material is like nothing else on earth

The name TEMPUR® reflects our material’s temperature-sensitive nature. It’s both viscous and elastic. A truly unique combination achieved by billions of ultra-sensitive cells that adapt to your body’s unique shape, weight and warmth. That’s the secret.

Standard Memory Foam

Memory foam can have a motion transfer of up to 20%. This just means that it transfers movement and energy across your mattress. So when your partner moves, you’re more likely to feel it.

Tempur Material

TEMPUR® Material isolates motion up to 10x better than this, with less than 2% motion transfer. So when your partner twists and turns, TEMPUR® Material absorbs their motion, so you won’t feel a thing. Making it a great mattress for minimal partner disturbance and a true restful sleep.

What's the difference?


Memory foam mattresses can lose support over time, which could be due to sagging or just a lower quality foam.

But TEMPUR® Material always returns to its original shape and provides continuous support. That’s because billions of ultra-sensitive cells absorb your pressure and evenly distributes your body’s shape and weight. For continuous support that truly lasts.


The only mattress brand recognised by NASA1 and certified by the Space Foundation2

1 The company and its products were recognised by NASA. At a joint press conference on May 6, 1998, NASA recognised TEMPUR®’s outstanding achievements in adapting the original NASA technology for everyday use and improving the quality of life for humankind.

2 Tempur products are certified as "Certified Space Technology" by the Space Foundation, an American non-profit organization, because they contain technologies originally intended for space. Further information about the Space Foundation and its Certified Space Technology program can be found at www.sg.tempur.com/spacefoundation.html

Benefits of TEMPUR® Material

1 Based on internal tests comparing TEMPUR®Original with TEMPUR®Advanced Material, conducted by Dan-Foam ApS between February-July 2021.

2 Based on internal tests comparing TEMPUR®Cloud, Original, Firm and Hybrid with TEMPURPro Air™️ conducted by Dan-Foam ApS between June -September 2021

3 Based on comparing the average internal tests results for each of 3 types of TEMPUR®Original mattress feel and each of 3 types of TEMPUR®Advanced Material, conducted by Dan-Foam ApS between December 2020- September 2021


What is the difference between TEMPUR® Material and memory foam? It's all in the 'feeling'.

When you lay on your TEMPUR® mattress and pillow, you experience a completely unique sensation. You are perfectly cradled in comfort and support. It's a feeling of pure relaxation, of total weightlessness. Nothing else helps you drift off in quite the same way. It truly is a feeling like no other.

It is our opinion that some memory foams can have some pressure relieving capabilities. In comparison, TEMPUR® Material has been widely used in medical institutions across the world due to its proven pressure relieving properties. A number of clinical trials have even shown that some forms of TEMPUR® Material relieve pressure from sensitive areas, including the back, hips, shoulders and joints.

It has long been rumoured that memory foam can cause people to sleep hot. This is because memory foam may have a dense cell structure which traps heat...

However, TEMPUR® offer covers with SmartCool technology™ that helps you feel cool and fresh, plus our all-new TEMPUR® Air Material is ultra-breathable. It offers 10 times more airflow, helping you feel 2C cooler throughout the night.

It can be very hard to clean a memory foam mattress because they are often made with fixed or stitched on covers which cannot be removed or changed. However, every TEMPUR® mattress comes with a removable washable mattress cover. Some have handy zip-off QuickRefresh™ tops which which makes it easy to keep your mattress feeling fresh, clean and hygienic

One benefit of sleeping on a TEMPUR® mattress is you can clean and refresh your bed with no hassle.

Memory foam mattresses can feel very firm, which may cause discomfort and disturb your sleep. TEMPUR® Material has been designed to help you enjoy a great night's sleep. Its unique properties mean it reacts to your body's temperature, actively conforming and adapting to your shape so you are constantly supported throughout the night. Our wide range of mattresses means that you can choose the comfort level which best suits you, whether that's soft, medium or firm.

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Some memory foam mattresses can be flipped, but you never need to flip a TEMPUR® mattress. With TEMPUR® Material, it perfectly adapts and moulds to your body’s profile, providing proven pressure relief and total comfort and support. No matter how much pressure you put on it, night after night, TEMPUR® Material will always return to its original shape. Our new TEMPUR Adapt® Material is our most resilient and long lasting yet, meaning you can enjoy years of restful nights with continuous support

Memory foam mattresses can break down over time. This means their layers can start to crack and break open, ruining the support they may provide. TEMPUR® mattresses offer a 10-year Quality Guarantee because we understand that a mattress is a long-term investment for your health and wellbeing.