TEMPUR® Original Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

TEMPUR® Original Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

Designed for uncompromising neck support and firmness. Available in various sizes, so you can choose the size that fits you perfectly.

- $529.00
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Discover the Tempur® Shape Pillow with SmartCool Technology

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What makes our new TEMPUR® Original
Pillow with SmartCool different?

In 1991, our team of sleep experts collaborated with a chiropractor to create this ergonomically shaped design. Fast forward thirty years and it's now an icon. While others have attempted to copy our design, none of them make it with our unique Tempur Material. Proven to relieve presssure and actively adapt to the curvature of your neck, Tempur Material provides extraordinary comfort and support. And now with a cooling cover that naturally absorbs heat without the use of chemicals, what's more to love?

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Woman laying on TEMPUR Pillow
Pillow unzipping

Perfect For Back and Side Sleepers

The iconic curved shape has been carefully designed to support back and side sleepers.

*Compared to our previous standard covers. Based on internal tests results after 2 seconds.

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