TEMPUR® Sonata Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

TEMPUR® Sonata Pillow with SmartCool Technology™

The Sonata's unique curve is designed to actively comfort your head and neck as you switch from side to side at night.

Unique sloping silhouette & TEMPUR® Super Soft Material inside

Perfect balance of Comfort & Support

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Cover Washable at 40 C degrees

Multi-use design

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Discover the Tempur® Curve Pillow with SmartCool Technology

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What makes our new TEMPUR® Sonata
Pillow with SmartCool different?

This curved design is ideal for someone that sleeps curled in the foetal position with their head close to their chest and for those that shift from side to side. Its gentle centre arc allows the pillow to drop down further to the shoulders, cradling your neck and head in a comfortable position. Now with a cooling cover that naturally absorbs heat without the use of chemicals, it's the perfect pillow to curl up with.

Hand on Tempur Material
Woman laying on TEMPUR Pillow
Pillow unzipping

Perfect For Back and Side Sleepers

The curved design is great for those that shift from side to side
and curl their head towards their chest. Also suitable for back sleepers.

*Compared to our previous standard covers. Based on internal tests results after 2 seconds.

Sonata Pillow

Reviewed on 18 October 2017

Best Nights Sleep Ever!

Firm and so comfortable but heavy it’s a good job I don’t have to turn it, It’s great to have a removable cover that’s washable.

Reviewed on 22 November 2017

Simply the best bed!

Excellent divan, quite easy to move for cleaning the floor when required, massage feature handy if required.