1. What is the Space Foundation?

    Space Foundation is an American non-profit organization founded in 1983 that advocates for all sectors of the global space industry through space awareness activities, information and educational programs and major industry events. It promotes collaboration between those working in the space sector and commercial companies and others inspired by space and space technologies. Its membership covers well-known international companies as well as research institutes, and includes NASA, Boeing, and SpaceX.

    What is the Space Foundation’s “Certified Space Technology Program”

    The Space Foundation’s “Certified Space Technology Program” is a certification programme which aims to highlight the importance and usefulness of space technologies in everyday life. This is done by recognizing products and services that use or have adapted technologies originally invented or used for space for normal everyday purposes.

    What is certification based on?

    To be certified under the Program, companies go through a rigorous application process and must demonstrate that the technology, products or services in question meet the required standard of being of space or space-related origin. Only then is the certification granted by the Space Foundation and a license to use the Certified Space Technology Seal given, so that customers can recognize that the product in question is based on space or space-related technology.

  2. What are the criteria for certification?

    • Before an application can be submitted, companies must first demonstrate that the product directly uses technologies that were originally developed for use in space or in a space-related manner.

    • If this initial test is passed, a formal application is submitted. This is reviewed by Space Technology Certification staff and external experts, and a detailed evaluation of the product and the technology on which it is based is undertaken. This evaluation must answer the following specific questions:

    a) What information or data proves the technology has been used in space or in a space-related manner?

    b) Did the technology used originate with NASA? What patents or technical documentation establish that the technology was invented by NASA and is owned by NASA?

    c) Did the technology used originate with other space research programs, such as the International Space Station or by academic or commercial space programs? What patents or technical documentation are relevant to this technology?

  • During evaluation, Space Foundation staff and external experts conduct research and analysis using recognized reputable sources, including NASA and The International Space Station National Laboratory, The Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, Inc., and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office websites. They will also review academic, scientific and space industry articles, journals and websites, and other relevant resources.

  • After completing the evaluation and review, Space Foundation staff and external experts make a recommendation on whether the application should be successful, and summarize whether the technology meets the requirements for Space Technology certification.

  • This recommendation is then passed to the Space Foundation's Head of the Business Department for a final decision.

  • If all requirements of the application process are satisfied, the Space Foundation enters into a license agreement permitting the applicant to use the Certified Space Technology Seal and each process for the renewal of the Certified Space Technology Seal involves ensuring the technology initially certified continues to be used in the Certified Partners' product or service.

For more information on the Space Foundation, visit https://www.spacefoundation.org/