Thank you for purchasing TEMPUR and congratulations on joining a growing number of owners worldwide who are enjoying the amazing comfort and pressure relieving benefits of TEMPUR.

To get the most out of our TEMPUR experience, please take a little time to read through the points below:

TEMPUR General

TEMPUR reacts to the weight and warmth of your body, thereby adapting perfectly to your shape. The visco-elastic properties of the material mean that TEMPUR returns to its original shape after compression with a certain built-in delay. The delay depends on the temperature of the room, therefore TEMPUR feels firmer at lower temperatures and softer at higher temperatures. TEMPUR mattresses and pillows (with TEMPUR® material) have been designed to reduce tossing and turning.

Opening the product

  • Once unpacked, the product may give off a characteristic smell. This is completely harmless and disappears after a short period of use. To avoid this, ventilate the product well before use.
  • During transportation the cover may move from its original position. Once the TEMPUR material has returned to normal room temperature, simply straighten the cover to the desired symmetrical position by hand.
  • Over the first few months of use, the mattress material will become more open which results in the TEMPUR material reacting more quickly to body temperature. It may therefore feel as if the material is getting softer in fact the pressure-relieving properties remain the same.
  • Due to the unique pressure-relieving properties of the TEMPUR Material, it can take some time for the body to get used to the TEMPUR Product.
  • Please note TEMPUR generally do not recommend using an electric blanket with a TEMPUR mattress as the mattress works best with the natural body heat of the user, so they may not feel the optimum support if an electric blanket is used. However, if the user would still prefer to use an electric blanket we would suggest an over blanket rather than an under blanket which will be safe.
  • Please do not leave infants and young children unattended on the mattress as they may find it difficult to turnover.
  • Please do not use bed pads with a TEMPUR mattress.

Transport and Storage

Store all products in their original shape. Generally, TEMPUR products should not be bent or pressed into shape as there is a risk of the material being damaged. The following applies when transporting, moving or storing TEMPUR Products:

  • TEMPUR Mattresses must be stored flat, ideally in the original packaging.
  • TEMPUR Toppers can be either be rolled up or stored flat. Do not roll out a TEMPUR Topper when it is cold as there can be a risk of the material tearing or cracking.
  • Due to the viscoelasticity of the TEMPUR Material, both combi-mattresses and rolled up mattress toppers can be compressed during transport or storage. This is normal and the product will regain its normal size after a while when in use and at room temperature.
  • TEMPUR Pillows should preferably be stored in their original shape. However, products such as the TEMPUR® Travel Pillow may be transported rolled up in the bag supplied (the bag should only be used when travelling to avoid permanent deformation of the pillow).
  • TEMPUR Products should be stored in a dry environment (maximum 65% relative humidity).

Cleaning and Maintenance

The TEMPUR Material cannot be washed or dry cleaned. To clean a TEMPUR product, remove the cover and ventilate the TEMPUR material, or wipe off carefully using a well-wrung cloth to remove any surface stains or dirt.

TEMPUR products should be regularly ventilated to remove any moisture. TEMPUR mattresses must always be placed on a ventilated base, e.g. springs or slats to prevent moisture from accumulating in the mattress.

Most TEMPUR covers can be removed and cleaned in accordance with the washing instructions on the care label, which is located in the inside cover. During washing, the cover must be turned inside out and the zipper must be closed.

We suggest to use TEMPUR-FIT™ Pillow Protector and TEMPUR-FIT™ Mattress Protector to prevent the products from getting wet or dirty.

Anti-Slip Bottom

Several of the TEMPUR products have a non-slip coating on the underside. This coating ensures that the product does not slide while in use. The non-slip properties of the material are not impaired by washing the cover.

Note: Special covers which contain TEMPUR material cannot be washed or dry cleaned but can easily be removed for airing and brushing.

Mattress Covers

Please clean the cover according to the cleaning instruction on the care label attached to the mattress cover.


  • Do not fold the pillow in use.
  • Do not use TEMPUR pillow with wet hair as the foam will get damaged.
  • Easy Clean pillows can be washed.

Mattress Disposal

If you wish to dispose of your mattress please refer to your local authority within your country market.