TEMPUR® ONE™ Soft Mattress

Medium TEMPUR® Adapt™ material with precise and adaptive support

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More than basic memory foam, that touch of Tempur® Material gives you superior comfort and body support.

Tempur® Material

First Developed by NASA to cushion astronauts during space flight, we have spent three decades perfecting our unique TEMPUR® material to help you sleep better.

Tech® Inside.

Stylish Danish design and quality, crafted into each ONE.


Comes with an Easy Zip-Off, machine-washable cover (at 40ºC) for every day cleanliness.

zip-off Cover

10 year warranty. That's peace of mind for a decade.

10 year warranty

What makes our mattress perfect?

At TEMPUR® we invest millions each year in the research and development of our mattresses. This is why we have been making the highest quality mattresses for more than 20 years with the aim of bringing a great night's sleep to our owners around the world.

Quality and comfort

ONE offers all the style, quality and benefits you expect and trust from the world’s leading bedding company.

  • circle TEMPUR® Material
  • circle Available in medium, medium hybrid and firm comfort feels
  • circle Stylish Danish design and quality
  • circle Machine-washable cover at 40ºC for everyday cleanliness
  • circle 10 Year Warranty. That's piece of mind for a decade

Where technology meets comfort

More than basic memory foam, that touch of TEMPUR® Material gives you superior comfort and fully responsive body support. It’s that perfect balance which makes all the difference. What we do is pure science. What you get is pure magic.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery on all our mattresses.

10 years warranty

Our mattresses are tested to last, so we offer free 10 year warranty.

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