TEMPUR’s coolest and newest innovation, featuring patent pending ActiveAir ™Technology, is a fully integrated and customisable cooling sleep system, driven by ultra quiet fans in the base that push filtered air through ventilated layers of exclusive TEMPUR Material. With the TEMPUR ACTIVEbreeze bed system, you can control and customize a sleep environment that’s right for you. Comes in a standard split King Long combination of 2 singles to allow for adjustability on both sides.

Available for trial at Tempur Sleep Sanctuary (1 Nassim Road), Tempur Sleep Genesis (i12 Katong) and Tempur Experiential Centre (Tan Boon Liat Building).

Free 2 SC Pillows + 1 Long Hug
$28,999.00 From $18,899.00 Save $10,100.00
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Customize your sleep environment with dual sided, individual control of position, temperature and humidity, all at the touch of a button.

TEMPUR ACTIVEbreeze circulates filtered air through your mattress to help manage the micro climate between your mattress and your covers for a cons istently cooler, deeper sleep throughout the night.

TEMPUR ACTIVEbreeze keeps your sleep environment up to 2X cooler* throughout the night. From cover to core, every component has been designed to de liver our most advanced cooling system for your coolest, most comfortable sleep.

  • Wireless Remote
  • Fully adjustable head and foot areas
  • One touch preset positions include Flat, Zero G, TV in bed
  • Customizable fan control off/low/medium/high
  • Vibration massage

Disclaimer: *Based on independent tests comparing TEMPUR® Cloud, Original, Firm and Hybrid with TEMPUR Pro Air™ conducted for Dan-Foam ApS between June-September 2021

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